You’re looking at options for basement remodeling and you’ve landed on the wonderful idea of a home theater. This is a great addition to any house, but you need to follow these tips and tricks before you start renovations: here are three must-have ideas to incorporate into your basement home theater.

Paint the walls with dark, rich colors
While many people want to create light, inviting spaces, this will actually have a negative effect on your viewing experience. Think about an actual theater: they have minimal lighting, muted floors, and dark walls. This is to avoid any light reflection that can distract from the movie viewing experience. Avoid making your theater a dungeon by including a variety of lighting options so you can enjoy your basement remodeling even when the movies aren’t streaming.

On the other hand, your other rooms can benefit from a lighter color palette. Bathroom remodels are the most requested renovation in the United States, and using a light color scheme for your bathroom and kitchen remodeling can open up the room and make the space feel larger than it is.

Make your theater a stage
If you air your movies above a small stage, this can be a form of entertainment for the whole family. Find a reliable contractor to raise your floor during your basement remodeling to create a stage your children can perform on after they watch their favorite movie. This is also great practice if you have a musician in the family. At-home performances will help bring your theater off the screen and into real life.

Offer a variety of viewing options
Go timeless with a screen projector but be sure to include an auxiliary cord for when you want to stream your favorite movies from online. Many projectors offer nuanced tech making them compatible with your computer, laptop, and even your smartphone.

This might also be a great space for gaming. Hook up your gaming console to enjoy playing your favorite games on the big screen.

Try these ideas to create a truly unique space when you finish your basement remodeling. Home renovations are tough, but following these ideas will make it a little easier.