Large-scale home renovations are a popular way for homeowners to dramatically enhance their living space without needing to tear down and rebuild, or seek a new home. Families that love their lot and aren’t ready to commit to a new neighborhood or teardown project are embracing the idea of renovations that can totally transform their Northern Virginia homes. These renovations can consist of a new story atop their current structure, outward expansion, restructuring an interior space by totally redesigning multiple rooms within the home, and even drastically changing a floor plan by demolishing walls, renovating kitchens and bathrooms, and finishing basements.

At Oak Hill Building, we’re experienced Northern Virginia Home Renovation Contractors. Our collective years of experience within both the renovation & remodeling space and the design/build or custom homes space give us insight into every aspect of design, materials, project management, timeline constraints, budget limitations, and client satisfaction. Our process is client-focused from day one, meaning that you will be aware of each phase of the project and that you will maintain as much control of the process as you’d like to.

Renovating can be an overwhelming process. In particular, the numerous factors that go into the initial planning and design portion can make the overall project seem burdensome and confusing. However, Oak Hill Building has a way of simplifying this process to make adding an addition or renovating your home an enjoyable experience!


Expectations are the foundation of each project. Setting realistic expectations is the first step in any home addition or home renovation project. Oak Hill Building’s sales staff are either trained project managers themselves or are assigned to work closely with a project manager. Additionally, Oak Hill Building ensures that each project manager is assigned to the project they initially consulted on. This helps guarantee that everyone is on the same page from the very first client meeting to the final punch list walk-thru.

Keeping our customers informed is a key part of our business. Our project managers keep our customers well versed throughout all stages of construction. We host multiple onsite progress meetings and communicate seamlessly with our clients throughout all forms of media. Have a question regarding your project? Want to discuss a change? No problem! All of our clients are given the contact information for their project manager and can call with questions or concerns at any time.


We deliver on time, every time. As experienced Northern Virginia Homer Renovation Contractors, Oak Hill Building works hard for our clients to ensure our projects are completed on time. We understand that a major renovation project disrupts our clients’ lives and daily routines, and we want to ensure that you are able to enjoy your new project as soon as possible!


Oak Hill prides itself at keeping within your budget without sacrificing quality. Ensuring our clients are satisfied with both the quality of the project and customer service is an important consideration that Oak Hill takes into account with every project, regardless of your budget!


Oak Hill Building can work with and adapt to an individual client’s needs. It is common for our customers to already have a se of plans or designs. Whether drawn by a professional architect or hand sketched by a neighbor, we are willing to work with whatever design or concept you bring to the table.

Home Renovations in Northern Virginia

Northern VA is a unique community, containing homes of all ages and sizes. With houses dating back as far as the turn of the century, there are countless properties that could use an update to accommodate the families who occupy them. Oak Hill has extensive experience working in Northern VA, and has a track record of exceptional projects completed on time and within budget. Luxury renovations in Northern VA are a popular and effective solution for homeowners who may not want to move further from D.C.

Why Oak Hill?

Oak Hill has been in business for over 35 years. Since our founding in 1978, it has been our objective to create a process that is informative, compassionate, and convenient for our clients. We do our best to communicate with and understand our clients’ objectives, and to take them into consideration as we work together to plan projects. Make sure to contact us today in order to get started on your home’s transformation.