Apperson Addition2Major Remodeling

Drastically overhauling your current home is a daunting project. Much like new home construction, there are hundreds of elements to consider, and these projects often require a large budget and many people working together. Homeowners may potentially have to reside elsewhere during construction, or change lifestyle habits upon having areas of their home restricted during work. All in all, a serious all-in remodeling effort is a massive undertaking that must be handled by an experienced contractor, ideally with experience in new-home construction.

Oak Hill

We’ve been building homes for decades, and we understand the similarities between a total remodel and ground-up home construction. Often times important repairs must be undertaken alongside remodeling efforts, and material choices can be limited by what exists currently. Luckily, our vast experience has led us to a process that puts you, the homeowner, in control as much as you’d like to be.

Working with vendors, contractors, and laborers can be a difficult matrix when juggling multiple companies. At Oak Hill, we’ve fostered industry partnerships that make this particular part of the process a breeze: from the best prices on top-line materials to the best electricians and architects in the area, our network is totally available to you as a client.

If you’re looking for a total update to your home, we’re happy to tackle the job. We’ll stay on-time and within-budget, and you’ll love the final project. If, however, you don’t have the time to undergo such major renovations, we will buy your home.

We’d Love to Buy Your Home

Sometimes the best option is just to find a brand new home that you love! If you’re looking to sell your home and save on all of the fees you’d ordinarily pay a realtor, make sure to give us a call. We love to buy homes because we can either make them into a beautiful new living space, or tear them down and build anew. You may not have known that selling to a custom home builder was even an option, but that’s because a realtor probably wouldn’t tell you! Call us today if a major remodel has led you to the decision to sell.