The average basement remodel can give you a payback of up to 70% return on investment. While this is great for when you decide to sell your house and move to another home, you may be wondering what a finished basement could offer you and your family right now.

As it turns out, a finished basement renovated by local basement remodeling services Northern VA trusts can offer you and your family quite a lot. Here are a few of the top finished basement ideas to give you a reason to revamp your home’s spooky basement.

  1. Turn your basement into an in-law suite. As you get older, your parents and in-laws may need some extra help getting around and it might be easier to have them live with you. An in-law suite would give your parents or in-laws some independence while also giving you the peace of mind over not having to share your space directly.
  2. Use your basement as a home office. It’s common to work from home with today’s technology. But working at home, especially with kids, can sometimes be a hassle. By finishing your basement, you can create a home office with plenty of peace and quiet to work.
  3. Keep an eye on your kids by giving them a hangout. Teenagers are less likely to get up to things they shouldn’t be doing when they’re able to relax with their friends in their own space. A finished basement could make a great place to give your teens some privacy to hang out with their friends. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about them going anywhere dangerous.
  4. Give the kids their own space to play. If your kids aren’t teenagers yet, odds are your feet have suffered the wrath of toys many times. Finished basements can give your kids a place to keep their toys and play without making a racket throughout the house. A new backyard design is also a great idea.
  5. Create a home gym. Gym memberships can be expensive, not to mention you have to share equipment with strangers. A home gym can save you the time and money of traveling to the gym every other day.

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