Our Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We meet in your home to discuss your vision and goals, ideas. and priorities for the project. We will discuss the budget and timeline for the project, as well as take measurements and, if necessary, take pictures. We will then schedule a time to meet again to address all the aspects and details of your specific project.


Step 2: Project Design and Planning

A set of conceptual designs/layouts to help visualize your dream project will be created and a general description of the scope of work to determine budget parameters produced. We will solicit for your feedback to refine the plans and finalize material selections for budget purposes.


Step 3: Reviewing the Scope of Work

A detailed estimate based on the design plans and material selections for your project will be presented for your review. You will receive the overall costs for the project based on all the information gathered during the design/selection phase, thus helping to minimize the need for addendums as the project progresses.


Step 4: Contract - Project Agreement

We will review the final plans and detailed scope of work with you, as well as the timeline to prepare you for the start of your project. Once we have reviewed and agreed upon all details, we will approve and finalize the project agreement. You are now on your way to the remodeling project of your dreams!


Step 5: Pre-Construction Meeting

A pre-construction meeting will be scheduled to go over the details of the project before it starts. You will be introduced to your Production Manager who will be responsible for the day-to-day activities of the job.


Step 6: Production Phase

During this phase all demolition, new installation, and construction work will be undertaken. The Production Manager will be responsible for meeting the building timeline, ensuring quality and cost control, supervising and scheduling subcontractors, ensuring the worksite is clean and safe, answering your questions, and addressing any new ideas you may have. If changes occur or additional work is necessary, we’ll prepare a detailed addendum for your review prior to any changes occurring.


Step 7: Post Construction Meeting

Our Production Manager will meet with you to walk through the project, determine any punch list items to be addressed and discuss the final schedule for completion. You will also be presented with your warranty information. We stand behind our work because we know how important this project is to you – we honestly want to make you a satisfied customer for life.