Kitchen storage is a great reason to start your home remodeling project. When your cluttered kitchen needs a little more elbow room, try these unique storage designs to craft a more comfortable space.


Over your window

There’s prime real estate located right above your window. Instead of putting the plaster on display, utilize this untouched space by installing beautiful shelves. This creates a more dynamic kitchen while sprucing up the look of your older windows. For a more ethereal theme, try accenting this new shelf with potted plants or uniform kitchenware.


Install racks

Storing your pots and pans can be a hassle, especially if they’re kept in lower cabinets. Instead of bending down to lift the heavy metal objects, try hanging them on a wall rack or on a rack above your kitchen island. This keeps them out of the way, solves your issues with stacking, and provides a ready-to-use location for well-used items. You can also use racks to hang mugs or anything else with a hook. Use the prime real estate of your cabinets for something less sightly, like cereal boxes.


Install a pantry

While cabinets can look bulky and awkward, making room for a pantry easy and adds value to your home. Installing a number of organized shelves complete with baskets and drawers will create a versatile space with the home chef in mind. If you already have a pantry, don’t hesitate when remodeling this space into something that better suits your needs.

Craft a unique kitchen counter

A unique kitchen counter can work double-time with the right layout. Whether you want to create steps on your counter for the best storage or hone divots into the surface that serve as bowls, unique countertops should be no problem for your home renovation project.


Create a home addition

Sometimes, homes simply need to stretch their wings. If these storage tips don’t work for the bustling family or amateur chef, a home addition is always a great option. Extend the length of your kitchen or add a new bedroom to steal space from an old room. Whatever your home renovation needs, you can rest easy knowing you have the help of a master craftsman to turn your dream into a reality.

According to HOUZZ, nearly 87% of homeowners sought the help of a home renovation professional for their kitchens in 2016. When you want to ensure you get the job done right, enlist the help of the master craftsmen at Oak Hill Building And Remodeling today.