The great part of owning a home is that you have the chance to make it into the one of your dreams through home additions and home renovation projects. While this ability to expand a master bathroom or add an entire room is exciting, there are many ways in which it can go wrong if you aren’t careful. Know these common missteps homeowners make when working on home additions and you’ll be able to get yours right the first time.

Forgetting About The Foundation

Whenever you build up or out, you need to consider how your home’s existing foundation will support the additions. A poorly built foundation will develop serious cracks with even the simplest of additions. When you discuss your home remodeling project with your contractor, be sure to bring up any concerns you may have about the foundation. Talking about them early in the process will ensure that your contractor can add the necessary steel bars or rods to help support the extra weight you’re putting on the foundation.

Attempting To DIY

You may want to save money on your home project by handling some elements yourself or even serving as the general contractor, but either of these methods will likely result in more complications that lead to more expenses. When you hire a contractor for home additions Northern VA trusts, you’ll have a professional heading the project who has experience with similar projects, can maintain an overall budget, and is able to supervise a team of workers. If you still want to lower your costs, talk to your contractor about what you can do. Many of the contractors for home additions Northern VA offers will suggest money-saving solutions like handling the removal or disposal process.

Designing Without The Entire Property In Mind

Once completed, your home addition will not be easy to undo. You want to be sure that your designer visits your home so that they get a feel for its current style. A visit will also allow them to become familiar with your property’s landscaping. Even a project as simple as expanding the size of your shower by at least 50%, which the 2016 HOUZZ Bathroom Trends Study reported was a project about 30% of survey respondents were doing, can change the look of your home from the outside. If you want the home addition to look like its always been a part of your home, be sure to emphasize the importance of following the home’s current layout and styling to your designer.

There are many things that can go wrong when adding to your existing home unless you work with experienced professionals. To work with the contractors for home additions Northern VA trusts, contact Oak Hill Building & Remodeling today.