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Designing and building your home can be a daunting, stressful, task. If executed improperly or delayed for long enough, it can become an enormous financial burden and drain on your energy. If executed correctly, design/build is perhaps the most gratifying way to create a home. Partnering with an industry expert that can guide you through each phase of the process, provide valuable insight and support, and generally ensure that everything runs smoothly is an important part of the design/build lifecycle. Oak Hill is ready to partner with you, your architect, your interior designer, and the rest of your team- or supply our own internal assets and contacts for these jobs. As industry veterans, our firm has executed design/build contracts, custom homes, pop-top remodels, and many other luxury construction projects.

Northern Virginia is an excellent place for design/build projects. Access to Washington D.C, vibrant shopping and dining options, exceptional schools, and gorgeous outdoor areas all contribute to the wonderful community that calls Northern Virginia home. Based in Fairfax, our firm is familiar with each rule, regulation, zoning requirement, vendor, and expert that you will ever need for your design/build project. We were founded on the notion that the creation of your dream home should be a joyful and low-stress experience, and each element of our process is founded on this ideal. If you are looking for a partner, contact us today. We would love to sit down and discuss your objectives, budget, time frame, and the realization of your dream home.

Free In-Home Consultation

Discuss Project Goals

Project Feasibility

Budget Ranges

D/B Process Overview

Present Design/Build Proposal & Preliminary Budget Pricing

Preliminary Scope of Work

Discuss Design Process

Discuss Design Fees

Enter D/B Agreement

Photo Measure Existing Jobsite

Present Initial Design Concept

Present As-Built Drawings (Existing Site Conditions)

Present Initial Design Concept

Receive Client Feedback

Present Updated Designs 1

Review Updated Designs

Receive Client Feedback

Present Updated Designs 2

Review Updated Designs

Receive Client Feedback

Present Final Designs/Sign Construction Agreement