What To Include In Your New Home Addition To Make It More Energy Efficient

If you’re planning on constructing new home additions, this is the perfect opportunity to implement energy-efficient products and techniques in your home. Energy efficient products are easiest to install when they’re included from the start.

If you’re planning on performing renovations or remodeling, consider these three energy efficient tips and tricks to your new home addition.

1.Get energy-efficient windows

Even if you have a master carpenter that fits your windows perfectly, unless you utilize energy-efficient windows with double panes, you could still be losing money each summer and winter when the weather is extreme. Older windows have cracks and gaps that let in cold air during the winter and don’t retain the inside temperature of the home. By relying on a professional contractor in conjunction with energy-efficient windows, you can save money year-round.

2. Upgrade your lighting

If you want to truly enjoy your new home additions, you need to be able to see them; getting LED lighting is the most energy-efficient and bright option to use in your new home renovations and additions. They last longer than classic incandescent bulbs and will save you money in the long run.

3. Low-flow faucets and showers

If your new home addition includes a new bathroom, implementing low-flow faucets and shower heads are a great way to save water and lower your water bill. Bathroom additions reportedly receive an 86.4% return on investment, making this addition a great option for homeowners that plan on selling in the future. Some low-flow showerheads use 75% less water than a regular showerhead, making them better for the environment and your wallet.

All of these tips and tricks can offer a huge return on your home investment. After you’re finished enjoying your new home addition, you can rest assured your money was well-spent.

Even though these are all recommendations for new home additions, these are tips that can be implemented in any home remodeling. When you’re looking for the best home remodeling Northern VA has to offer, call Oak Hill Building and Remodeling today. Their master craftsmen will ensure your home looks amazing thanks to their attention to detail and years of experience.