Home Additions – Fairfax VA

Home Additions – Fairfax VA


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Renovating or adding an addition can be an overwhelming process. In particular, the numerous factors that go into the initial planning and design portion can make the overall project seem burdensome and confusing. However, Oak Hill Building has a way of simplifying this process to make adding an addition or renovating your home an enjoyable experience!


Oak Hill prides itself at keeping within your budget without sacrificing quality. Ensuring our clients are satisfied with both the quality of the project and customer service is an important consideration that Oak Hill takes into account with every project, regardless of your budget!


Expectations are the foundation of each project. Setting realistic expectations is the first step in any home addition or home renovation project. Oak Hill Building’s sales staff are either trained project managers themselves or are assigned to work closely with a project manager. Additionally, Oak Hill Building ensures that each project manager is assigned to the project they initially consulted on. This helps guarantee that everyone is on the same page from the very first client meeting to the final punch list walk-thru.

Keeping our customers informed is a key part of our business. Our project managers keep our customers well versed throughout all stages of construction. We host multiple onsite progress meetings and communicate seamlessly with our clients throughout all forms of media. Have a question regarding your project? Want to discuss a change? No problem! All of our clients are given the contact information for their project manager and can call with questions or concerns at any time.


We deliver on time, every time. Oak Hill Building works hard for our clients to ensure our projects are completed on time. We understand that a major renovation project disrupts our clients’ lives and daily routines, and we want to ensure that you are able to enjoy your new project as soon as possible!

already have plans or an architect?

Oak Hill Building can work with and adapt to an individual client’s needs. It is common for our customers to already have a se of plans or designs. Whether drawn by a professional architect or hand sketched by a neighbor, we are willing to work with whatever design or concept you bring to the table.

What Are Home Additions?

If you have bigger dreams for your home, it may be time to consider adding square footage to your floor plan. At Oak Hill, it’s our mission to make luxury affordable, and to guarantee the highest standard of craftsmanship and customer service in the process. We work with homeowners who are interested in transforming their current home by adding extra rooms, live-in suites for in-laws, gorgeous master bedrooms, extra floors, custom garages, and more. Not only are these projects life-changing for residents, they dramatically improve the value of the home.

Home Additions in Fairfax Virginia

Fairfax VA is a unique community, containing homes of all ages and sizes. With houses dating back as far as the turn of the century, there are countless properties that could use an update to accommodate the families who occupy them. Oak Hill has extensive experience working in Fairfax VA, and has a track record of exceptional projects completed on time and within budget. Luxury additions in Fairfax VA are a popular and effective solution for homeowners who may not want to move further from D.C.

Why Oak Hill?

Oak Hill has been in business for over 35 years. Since our founding in 1978, it has been our objective to create a process that is informative, compassionate, and convenient for our clients. We do our best to communicate with and understand our clients’ objectives, and to take them into consideration as we work together to plan projects. Make sure to contact us today in order to get started on your home addition transformation.

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Luxury Custom Home Additions in Arlington VA

Luxury Custom Home Additions in Arlington VA

Custom Home Additions – Arlington VA

While Oak Hill Building and Remodeling offers a variety of services, we like to consider custom home additions our bread and butter. Alexandria VA Home additions can often be a stressful and a seemingly invasive undertaking, but at Oak Hill, our master craftsmen will work directly with you to not only complete your desired addition to a T, but also make the addition process one that you can feel excited about. Additions are a fantastic way to not only make your Alexandria home feel more spacious and comfortable, but increase its value as well.

Oak Hill’s dedication to customer service persists through each project we work on. We pride ourselves on clear communication with our clients in terms of they want done, and we ensure that once a budget has been conceptualized and goals have been set, we will work within the budget efficiently to achieve our clients’ desired goals. Tom and Nick Vitale have an extensive background in home design and remodeling, and share a true passion for the craft. Tom’s construction career began when he was just sixteen years old, while Nick has ten years in the industry and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management under his belt.

Custom Home Additions Alexandria VA

Get Started Your Home Addition Today

Summer is the ideal time for you to consider an addition to your Alexandria VA home. Enjoy the warm weather in style from the comfort of a new sunroom, have us install a mudroom for your children to store their dirty shoes after they finish playing outside, or simply increase the size of a current room with a bump-out. Whatever project you wish to be completed, we can assure you that we will complete the task for you and produce a more than satisfying result. For information about pricing or other aspects of the addition process, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll get back to you swiftly and help you kick off your project!

Six Benefits of  Sunroom Additions in Northern VA

Six Benefits of Sunroom Additions in Northern VA

Oak Hill Luxury Remodeling – Northern VA Sunroom Additions

Sunrooms are glass and screen enclosures added to a home to create a unique indoor space with an outdoor feel. They are also known by other names such as a sun porch, porch enclosure, glass enclosure, solarium or Florida room.

Wide open spaces and plenty of sunlight throughout the year make Northern VA the ideal location to build your sunroom addition. Sunrooms add value to your home and create a serine oasis that provides warmth, and relaxation. Almost any covered space in the house can be turned into a sunroom including an existing porch or covered patio.

Luxury Sunroom Additions Northern VA

Benefits of a Northern VA Sunroom Addition:

  1. Enjoyment: A sunroom addition  gives you an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors inside. Regardless of the weather outside, you can enjoy the sunlight inside. Added bonus? No insects or mosquitoes to deal with!
  2. Extra Square footage: Adding this room to your house will also give you extra space to entertain. In addition to a new room, the value of your house will also increase with this investment.
  3. Saving Money: Sunroom additions in Northern VA can also help with significant energy savings in comparison to a regular room addition. If the proper materials are used, it can save energy because it captures the warmth of the sun and allows you to use natural light instead of electricity.
  4. Health: According to studies, three-quarters of U.S. teens and adults are deficient in vitamin D, which you get from the sunlight. Having a Northern VA sunroom addition can give you a great place to relish in the sunlight. It can also help with issues such as seasonal effective disorder, which is a type of depression that’s related to changes in seasons.
  5. Desirability: If you ever decide to sell your home in Northern VA, this sunroom will be a luxury feature that attracts buyers.
  6. Utility: This room can be used for many different things such as a home office, a breakfast room, a recreational room or children’s play room.

Northern VA Sunroom Additions – Perfect for entertainment, relaxation, and enjoyment.

Renovating or adding an addition to your home can be an overwhelming process. With so many types and styles to choose from, designing your Northern VA sunroom can be overwhelming. To make this process easier and you are ready to get started, contact Oak Hill Building & Remodeling today to learn more.

Oak Hill Building & Remodeling has been a leading provider of construction services since it opened in 1978.  We specialize in residential remodeling and custom home building throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Surge in In-law Suites

Add the aging baby boomers, a slow economic rebound, and a growing cultural diversity and what do you get? You get surge in multigenerational homes. An addition to a home for another generatio can offer parents and their children the perfect solution to a housing problem.

Before jumping right into an addition, you need to decide if multigenerational living is right for your family. Talk to all members of the family involved. The space and privacy needs of every member of the family should be accounted for.

You should also research any restrictions that may be applicable. Restrictions vary from location to location. The most common restriction – no second full kitchen. A second full kitchen might violate zoning laws for single-family dwellings. Check with your local zoning laws to be sure.

With the goals and the restrictions in mind, often families chose to add a bedroom with a bathroom en suite and a sitting room for the older generation. The sitting room can be a place of privacy and escape. Maintaining a sense of separation can ease tensions that can arise.

Safety issues also need to be examined. The in-law suite might need to be on the ground floor as stairs can be a challenge as we age. Hallways and doorways might need to be wider than normal to accommodate wheel chairs and/or walkers in the future. In the bathroom, grab bars and non-skid flooring can prevent needless accidents from happening. Low threshold showers and walk-in tubs are another option. Level handles on doors and faucets are generally easier to manipulate then traditional knobs and faucets.

With some thought and plenty of planning, adding another generation to a home can be done painlessly. Let Oak Hill Building & Remodeling aid you in adding needed space to your home!


Our Latest In-Law Suite Addition in Ashburn

Our Latest In-Law Suite Addition in Ashburn

Today marks our 14th day on the job since breaking ground. See our progress on this spacious in-law suite addition complete with a full kitchen, three full baths, two bedrooms, and a grand family room. We will be posting more pictures of the project as it moves along. Check back for more updates soon!