When your aging parents move into your home, it’s common to partake in a home renovation for your entire family. This gives your parents better living conditions and it eases the transition of a big move.

Here are some commonly performed home renovations to make your parents’ space all the more inviting.

A new room addition

It’s likely you and your spouse are taking up the largest room in the house. If you have kids or demand an office space, that leaves little to no room for a retired couple who deserve to relax.

Fix this by getting a home addition in the form of a new room. Home additions are easiest when they’re made on the ground floor, a perfect option for retirees who cannot make the hike upstairs. Adding an additional bedroom gives your parents the freedom and privacy of their own space without taking away space that’s already being used for something else.

A bathroom renovation

Old folks may suffer from a number of health ailments. To prevent slips and falls in the bathroom, you should work on remodeling the space to accommodate the health concerns of your parents. This includes the possibility for slips and falls along with struggles bathing.

Your home renovation project should include grab bars, non-slip flooring, and rugs that utilize an adhesive to prevent slipping. A bigger renovation is installing a step-tub or shower complete with a seat and extendable shower hose.

Make your passages passable

Many older hallways and floorplans don’t accommodate for wheelchairs and walkers. As such, you might need to find a great home remodeling services that can widen your hallways and install ramps instead of stairs. You also might need to rethink your floorplan and rearrange furniture to make room for the needs of your parents.

Preparing your home for your parents is never easy, but you’re not alone. Around 35% of all home renovations involve the entire home. As such, you need the best home additions Northern VA has to offer: call or visit Oak Hill Building And Remodeling today for more information on renovating your home for your parents.