Most homeowners use their basements for laundry and storage, while a few convert them into spare bedrooms or workshops. If you’re planning a full home remodel, though, why not give your basement some love and convert it into the hideaway of your dreams? The average basement remodel has a 70% return on investment, and truly visionary remodeling can yield even more. Need inspiration? Find a trusted general contractor and consider some of these ideas.

Create a Wine Cellar and Bar

If your kitchen remodeling is already underway, and you’re still looking for entertaining spaces, why not utilize the same theme downstairs and create a basement bar? This can be a place for smaller gatherings or if you want to separate a party into various groups. Vino lovers can also take advantage of an unfinished basement’s coolness and humidity to create their own wine cellar. Basement remodeling never tasted so good.

Build a Spa and Gym

Of course, basements provide a great out-of-the-way place for you to keep and use your exercise equipment. Some ambitious contractors can even install sunken pools or hot tubs for you to take a quick soak year round. Basements are historically the homes of ping pong tables, so there’s nothing wrong with changing the lighting to make the space a fun place to play. Whatever you decide, a trusted contractor will be able to make it possible.

Envision an Artistic Space

Are you a painter who needs a place to work? Do your kids have band practice every weekend? With a few renovations, your basement can become a creative center where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home. Change the paint and lighting to create a soft, restful place, or upgrade the electrical equipment and install more outlets to create a sound studio. Soundproofing is always an option as well.

Whether you’re just doing basement remodeling or renovating the whole house, be sure to choose a contractor with high levels of craftsmanship and experience. No matter what you want your basement to be, a highly skilled contractor can make your vision a reality.